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How can i do a handy guide for homeowners to get the right tenant?


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A Handy Guide for Homeowners to Get the Right Tenant

When it comes to your property, you have to perform a thorough check which would help you know how safe the person in question is. The tenants will be a great part of your property and also another source of constant and regular income, hence ensuring that the tenant will follow all the norms he is applicable to is quite important. Finding a genuine tenant is a tough job, so we, at Thapar India have come up with a list that would serve as a guide to get the right tenant.

Adhere to the law
Law states everybody should be taken into consideration irrespective of religion, race, nationality, sex, relationship status, and disabilities. Make sure you do not discriminate any individual by the aforementioned issues.
Perform a credit check
Obtaining a credit score actually costs you a fee in return of which you will be provided with the credit history of an individual. This credit history will help you determine if the person is responsible and pays his/her bills on time or not.
Search for any criminal records
Criminal records are generally a public record which you can obtain from any of the courthouses. If you get your hands on the criminal records of the person in question, you will have all the minor as well as the serious offenses committed by the individual (if any). Here you need to take the necessary measures such as obtain the person’s valid ID proof because there is a chance the individual may fake his/her identity.
Go through the rental history
The best way to know the reliability of the individual is to know his/her terms through previous experiences. That is, you can personally go and talk to his/her previous landlord and know if they are in good terms or there is any possibility of the individual being fake and untrustworthy.
A stable individual should be your choice
Make sure you obtain the tenant’s prior history like if the job and address switches are less or more than often. You need to verify if the person has a stable job or has been on a move ever since then, and also previous addresses.
Set up an individual limit
Residential property in Ghaziabad is your long term investment; hence you would want to actually hand it over to a person who would safeguard it. Your consideration here should be to set up an individual limit to each of the rooms you have available at your 3bhk apartments in Delhi NCR or whatsoever property. If there will be a lot of people living in the house, the house will be worn and torn sooner. It might be an issue because at the end of the day it’s your property and you need to take care of its safety.
Abide by your instincts
There is a high chance the person would seem to be absolutely fine in paper and documents but not in person. There have been a lot of fraud complaint cases and at different times. So, make sure you meet the tenant in person and try indulging into a conversion that would reveal how the person actually is. Instincts do tell a thing about people and they are not to be ignored.

You may have your own set of rules for the property belonging to you, but going through the above-mentioned steps will put you onto the safer side.