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How can I dress for my body type?


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Dressing for your body shape can make a huge difference on how your outfits look and make you feel. We all have such diverse body types, each with its own assets and drawbacks. Ideally, the first step in dressing for your body type is to determine what your body shape is. Stand in front of the mirror and observe or take your body measurements with a measuring tape. The four basic types of body shapes have been described below:


If you have a tiny waist as compared to your hips and shoulders that are same in width, you’re an hourglass body type. Most clothes look good on you and when dressing up, emphasize on highlighting your tiny waist by wearing dresses, belts etc.

rectangular body shape

If your waist, hips and shoulders are all same in width, you have a rectangular body shape. Your asset is your slender arms and legs, highlight them. Create dimensions and curves using a belt or ruffles and layering.

pear shaped body

If your hips are wider then your shoulders, you have a pear shaped body. Emphasize on your upper body and arms to balance out and draw attention away from the lower body. Focus on creative necklines and wear jackets that hit right above the waist.

apple body type

If your hips are thinner then your upper body then you have an apple body type. Your best assets are those legs, so show them off! Elongate your torso by wearing monochromatic looks and solid colors. Short skirts and dresses are your strong suit.

If you are interested in finding out more details about your particular shape, you can check out the following link.