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mukesh Prajapat

web development | Posted on | Science-Technology

How can I get projects for development??


SEO Analyst | Posted on


Here are some tips to get development projects :

  • Professional Experience

If you are already working somewhere then, confirm with your boss whether to use some of the web development work that you’ve created for that company. Never assume that since you had worked on it so you can add it to your freelance portfolio.

  • Start with your own Projects

A good place to start development is by building your own website as people ask to see your work. As self project is a good time for experiment to build new experiences into your portfolio.

  • Work for Family and Friends

Whether you have a great relationship with your friend or even relative, it is recommended to charge for your work. You can use this opportunity to get pay for your portfolio and also remember that firstly you need experience more than you need money if you are just starting out.

  • Get in contact with the local Organizations

Firstly you have to contact all of the organizations you worked previously and check with other Firms and businesses around the city for any small project.

  • Contribute to Open Source Projects

Being a professional web developer, you have to get involved in open source projects as it is considered as a great way to build your reputation in the market. There are also hundreds of open source projects where you can easily showcase your work, while contributing the value to a specific industry you believe in.

  • Go Niche

By targeting any specific market, or by specializing in a particular language or latest technology, you immediately decrease the chances of competition for yourself.


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