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How can I keep my home cool naturally during summer?


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Temperature has been soaring day and day and in this scorching heat, it is not very easy to keep your home naturally cool. Below are some handy tips that will help you get the temperature down:

1. Plant more trees in your surrounding area that will help in lowering the temperature. Aloe Vera, while is well known for its medicinal benefits, also keeps surrounding temperature low and helps in protecting the house from overheating.

2. Keep your blinds and curtains closed, the shade will prevent your home from heating and trapping all the heat inside your home.

3. Keep an eye on doors, do not close the unused rooms during the day time, because that will block air entry in these areas during the hottest part of the day. If you want to capitalize on the cooler night hours, then let air flow naturally through your home.

4. Turn off exhaust fans when they are not in use, they pull the hot air that rises when you cook from your house.

5. Go for blackout curtains, these curtains can block sunlight completely and prevent your house from unwanted heat.



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We live in a tropical climatic condition and we experience more warmth and summers are commonly more. Cooling is the most pervasive alternative over the city. Nonetheless, your bills will top up on the off chance that you have your AC turned on for long. Along these lines, here are some simple and basic techniques to keep your home cool.

Keep your windows open and let characteristic air enter your home.

Too. wet a major bit of fabric and hang alongside the windows. When there is a gentle wind, cold air will stream inside the room.

Spot a bowl of ice shapes in water and keep it almost a table fan. Cold air will occupy the room rapidly.

Pour water on your housetop and leave it for quite a while. Progressively the virus rooftop will help keep your home cool. Make a point to cover your rooftop with materials that forestall water drainage.

Have a housetop nursery or plants in your overhang. This will retain warm and give crisp regular air.