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Sumil Yadav

| Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

How can I look expensive on a budget?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

Don’t want to spend too much money on clothes, but still want to look put together and classy? Believe it or not, it’s actually not as impossible as it sounds. An expensive look doesn’t always have to be related to money. Sometimes, it’s all about taste, fit and effort. The devil is in the details. So, here are some of my tips that will help you look chic and sophisticated without emptying your bank balance on a high end store.

1. Opt for a good fit. A well fitted top or a dress goes a long way. Don’t buy something that is too loose or too tight for you, it will give you a shabby appearance.

2. Wear neutral colors like black, white, greys and nudes. The bonus is that they go excellently well together and you won’t have to bust your wallet for a full wardrobe. They also give a more expensive feel to an outfit as compared to bright and loud colors.

3. Pay attention to the fabric. Cotton, silk, linen etc will look much better on you than nylon or polyester and will also provide a richer look.

4. Wear dainty jewelry like pearl earrings or a tiny necklace and bracelets.

5. Invest money in good shoes and bags rather than clothes. They are what make or break a look.

6. Wear sunglasses. They will amp up your look instantly and make you feel sassier.

7. Find your signature scent. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, just something you like and stick to it. A classic perfume scent is a lady’s statement that she makes the moment she walks into a room.

8. Personal grooming is an important part of looking expensive. Have well manicured hands. There’s nothing worse than chipped or unkempt nails paired with an elegant outfit.

9. Wear a red lip. It always looks classy.

Invest your money in good basics rather than running after trends. Trends come and go, but a classic trench coat or a well fitted blouse will last you for many years and you will never regret splurging on such items.