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How can I save my property from transforming into a financial overload?


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If you own a lot of properties and you want to manage them by yourself, it is natural that you will find yourself overwhelmed by the responsibilities of becoming a landlord.

That's where a property management company comes to the rescue. Not only it handles daily maintenance but makes sure your units are not vacant and are filled with suitable tenants. Thus making money. Charging a part of the income in return.

Here are some functions that property managers do :

  • Marketing Services - Most owners or real estate investors are new to marketing. Having a team of professionals with industry knowledge can surely give them an edge when it comes to marketing their property, fixing the right rents, selecting the right tenants.
  • Managing Income and Expenses – Handling the smooth flow of funds for daily maintenance, repairs and also ensuring the rents are getting collected on due dates.
  • Tenant Management - A responsible owner should ensure the tenants have all the basic amenities required as they move in. A Property Management Company will ensure this by Contracting with suitable vendors such as electrician, maid, plumber, grocery, WIFI for the daily needs of the tenants.
  • Less Legal Issues - Having a property management company backing you ensures that there is less risk of a lawsuit. They ensure this by establishing and enforcing leasing agreements, conducting inspections, and initiating evictions if necessary.
  • Saves on Time – Having a property management company frees you from the obligations of being a landlord. It saves on time which you can freely invest in other ventures or business plans.

While for some people it may occur to them that they might be able to handle all issues related to their properties and think that they have the hours and resources required to do so, for most it simply isn’t practical, especially if they are working men, or are looking to expand their business.

If an owner does not have the time, expertise, or resources to manage all property-related issues, then a property management service is important for long-term sustainability and profitability.