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Komal Verma

Media specialist | Posted on | Science-Technology

How can I save myself from online fraud?


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

In today's time transferring money digitally from one account to another has become very easy but these easy things can land you in online fraud if you are a regular online user who does online transactions but don't pay heed to basics which are very necessary to save yourself from such frauds.

1. Keep a check on Pin and OTP:Never ever share your ATM pin and OTP with anyone.

2. Don't take a bait:If while making online transactions you come across some online ads that offer you discount and ask you about your card details to complete your transaction then don't do that.

3. Spamming and Phishing:Don't reply to spam mails which state that you have won a lottery and to claim this prize you have to submit your bank details.

4. Create strong passwords:Change your passwords and pins frequently and while changing them make sure that no one is around and you create a strong password.

5. Beware of Fraud calls: If you get a call and the caller claims that he or she is speaking on your bank behalf and you find it fishing then don't share details to them and report the number to your bank and police.



Student | Posted on

One of the other ways of protecting yourself against fraud is to not commit to things that ask for urgent attention or call to action.

Whenever urgency is involved you be sure they are fraud and may rob you of your data or money.

Do not click on suspicious links and use a good Antivirus to stop you from visiting malicious web pages.