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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | Education

How can I study for long hours without getting bored?


Thinker | Posted on

Higher studies demand long and continuous hours of focus and hard work but human mind and body have their own limitations. Students tend to stay up at night and have long study hours despite getting bored and tired. This has serious effects on physical as well as mental health of children.
A regular time management chart including regular short breaks should be followed in order to stay refreshed and focused during long and tiring hours of study.

Some children (majorly those who stay away from home in PGs and hostels) fall prey to the bad techniques of staying up which transform themselves in bad habits in no time. Consumption of drugs and coffee in excess is one such habit. Lack of awareness and good techniques lead them to these wrong ways.

Now coming to the point, following are some tips and tricks that will help you retain yourself during the long study hours:

• Keep taking short breaks after every 30 or 45 minutes. It is very essential, as it helps you to revive your spirits in the easiest way possible. Even if it’s a five minute break to go to the kitchen and have water, take it.

• Keep changing places and postures. Staying fixed at one place makes your body stiff and this affects your mind, leading to boredom.

• Have light snacks after short intervals. This does not mean consuming junk food constantly, but having light and healthy snacks to keep you energized. Juices, shakes, and sweets will also do the trick.

• After every one or two hours, you should listen to music, or have a short recreational activity.



teacher | Posted on


Here are some of my Top Tips for fighting Boredom:

Divide and conquer. Instead of having long hours ahead of you try to divide it into smaller parts. Focus on the next 15–30 minutes instead of the next 6 hours.
Move More. Movement causes your Blood to start pumping, which gives oxygen to your brain, which it will use to produce feel-good hormones such as seratonin and dopamine!
Sleep Enough. Feeling tired causes boredom. We want to sleep more than anything else. Get sleep so that it doesn’t happen.
Take more Breaks. Instead of taking bigger breaks, take more shorter breaks. 45 seconds is more than enough.
Learn to learn. Do not force yourself if you do not have to. Instead focus on why you are learning it and get curious and interested about what you are learning.


| Posted on

Perform Exercises, Yoga, and Meditation to bring your focus to the things effectively. When your mind is stable, you can focus on whatever you do.


Blogger | Posted on

Here are a portion of my Top Tips for battling Boredom:

Gap and overcome. Rather than having extended periods of time in front of you attempt to separate it into littler parts. Concentrate on the following 15–30 minutes rather than the following 6 hours.

Move More. Development makes your Blood begin siphoning, which offers oxygen to your mind, which it will use to create feel-great hormones, for example, seratonin and dopamine!

Rest Enough. Feeling tired causes fatigue. We need to rest more than all else. Get rest with the goal that it doesn't occur.

Take more Breaks. Rather than taking greater breaks, take progressively shorter breaks. 45 seconds is all that could possibly be needed.

Figure out how to learn. Try not to compel yourself on the off chance that you don't need to. Rather center around why you are learning it and get inquisitive and intrigued about what you are realizing.

Mess about. Tune in to marvelous music and move as you learn. Jam out to the best melodies and transform it into a great meeting. Mess about just by moving more on your seat, you will begin doing some great things.

Make everything a Game. There are approaches to make in any event, learning a game. Search for showing techniques on the web, and you will discover a plenty of magnificent approaches to make considering fun.

Interface it to your Goal. For what reason would you say you are doing what you are doing? What is the motivation behind the considering? Discover your explanation behind it and you will discover the inspiration to push through the bologna.

Switch the Way you do it or errands all the more regularly. Fatigue originates from absence of progress. Experiment. Attempt another approach to study or switch among contemplating and perusing. Simply accomplish something that is extraordinary.

Prize yourself for the little Checkpoints. The more little rewards you have the more you will condition yourself to concentrate hard. In the event that the prize is something you appreciate, at that point you will likewise pick up bliss from this molding.

Grin. Grinning really makes you discharge more serotonin and dopamine. This is from a mental report indicating that grinning makes us feel more joyful. In the event that you do this while you study you will appreciate it more.