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Posted 13 Dec, 2019 |

How can I treat extremely high blood pressure?


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Ankita Dhopat

Executive | Posted 13 Dec, 2019

If you are suffering from high blood pressure then you are forced to follow a strict diet & do exercise regularly. You can just make some changes in lifestyle which can help you lower your blood pressure & reduce the risk of a heart attack. 

Follow these steps to lower your blood pressure just by making changes in your lifestyle

1. Eat proper meal

2. Lose your body weight

3. Exercise regularly 

4. Stop smoking

5. Reduce the intake of salt in the diet

6. Avoid alcohol consumption 

7. Exercise Regularly 

Buy a Blood Pressure Monitor machine & check your blood pressure regularly which will help you to know your blood pressure levels. In addition to this consult your doctor & take your medicines on time.