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Rohan Chauhan

Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on | Health-beauty

How can Modi Government improve the healthcare system of India?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Even if you’re ‘yes man’ of the current government, you simply cannot ignore the fact that the healthcare system in the country is in complete mess. And it has been like that for decades. However, what’s worrying is how less has the Modi Government done in the past few years to elevate this sector. Of course, they did make countless announcements, promises and claims. But on grounds, very less was evident.

The government must take quick and proactive measures to improve the healthcare ecosystem in the country. Because this sector is the largest sector, in terms of employment and revenue generation! Here are few things that Modi government – and the next one – must do bring quality and equality in the healthcare sector of India:

·DIGITIZE - They keep advertizing, Digital India... what is it for if its not for human life!! So many apps/ systems can be used to streamline the system.

·More doctors - Look at the hospitals at OPD. Even if you are well, you can faint !! Number of patients v/s doctors ratio is ***** up!!

· Focus more on the rural area- The people in villages and sub-urban areas are worst affected with the poor healthcare infrastructure. They have to travel miles to get to the doctor. So the government must focus on the rural area.

· Cleanse the medical examination process- It’s no surprise, the corruption still exists in this entire system. The cleansing process must begin from the bottom-up. The examination (entrance test) should be separated from all the fraudulent practices that take place. Bribing must end. The most deserving candidate, however poor, must get the opportunity.

· Control Private Hospitals- Yes, they are private. But that doesn’t mean they should run loose. The state must attempt to control the private hospitals—be it in their charges or regulations. Treatment in private hospitals should not be restricted to just the rich and wealthy.

· Improve Public Hospital Infrastructure- The condition of government hospitals is in bad shape even in top-tier cities. There’s a dearth of doctors and staff, there aren’t proper facilities, everything is completely fu#ked up. The government must ensure the allotted finance is being used properly in fixing the public hospital infrastructure.


| Posted on

The government can improve the healthcare system of India if they can aware of the public about health. Nowadays people need awareness about the health issue. Due to overweight, bad lifestyle and so many other reasons are making bad our health . For more information about health tips, you can visit the site.


Blogger | Posted on

Health services in the country are pathetic in rural areas as well as in urban areas,particularly for poor masses. How one can imagine that people dying of Maleria,diarrhoea or curable diseases that to after 68 years of independence. In academic discussions it's attributed to poverty or illiteracy. One can't get away with this kind of arguments. It's a question of saving of human lives. If we believe in humanity every single life should be precious for us. Any govt. can't afford to take such deaths for granted. In fact that's what is happening in our country.