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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | Science-Technology

How can Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence work together to change the world?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There’s this Start-up called Humai. It is promising immortality to humans by combining the power of AI, nanotechnology and cloning. What its theory says is once we’ve have perfected each of these three departments, we’ll be able of freeze one’s brain, create a new artificial body, repair your brain and then transfer it into your newly created body. Fancy, right?

Well whether humans achieve immortality or not is a farfetched idea. The fact is, combining Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence, we can really revolutionize the whole of human civilization. Like for example, IBM is already on its way to build “next generation of scientific instruments”. These instruments will be able to do a lot of advanced stuffs, like clearly understands the mental and physical health by how a person talks and writes. These instruments can be used to treat patients even from deadly diseases and conditions.

Of course, there would be plenty more benefits— and not just in the medical and health sector.

We would be able to solve big problems in various niches using the power of nanotechnology and AI.

However, point to note is that this progress is not all about benefits. There exist just as many threats. An article on The Guardian, citing a report of Global Challenges Foundations, claimed that AI and nanotechnology have been named alongside nuclear war, ecological catastrophe and super volcano eruptions as risks that threaten human civilization.

So while it’s pretty commendable that we’re moving ahead towards a better world, we must also be very cautious of all the progress we’re making.

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