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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | Health-beauty

How can one be physically, mentally, and socially fit while facing depression?


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

What is to be Healthy is, ‘physically, mentally and socially fit’ according to WHO. So, remaining physically wouldn't take you anywhere. You need to be physically, mentally and socially as well to sustain the depression.

So, Everyone is having good knowledge about staying physically fit by doing exercise, taking balanced diet, drinking lots of water, 8 hrs of sleep and so on, with that you need to interact with good people and engage in activities which give you pleasure. Some ways to stay mentally and socially well with keeping physical health up to date are as follows:

1. Mental health: control your emotions, in place of speaking without thinking try to do breathing exercises. Recognize your achievements, never think about what you could not achieve,Be proud of yourself ,that make you positive. Always tell yourself that you are awesome.

2. Share your feelings with others, Never engulf your thoughts in,share with your family, friends. Cry whenever you want to that won't make you weak, rather stronger.

3. Social health, Make good social circle,do outings with them, talk to them.

4. Learn to balance the life ,talk to people, manage your work, manage your social networking to be stress-free.

5.It is the combination of both, mentioned above. Managing this can lead to overall well being.