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Jessy Chandra

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How can we ensure safety from moisture in rainy season?


Blogger | Posted on

Storms are dependably a much needed development after the sweltering warmth. It is an otherworldly time with the excellent rains and cool climate. It is likewise a gift for the agriculturists and their greenery after the bumping summer. Who doesn't love an ideal stormy day with some hot chocolate! The principal shower of the season leavesus upbeat, yet it is likewise carries with it different diseases and sickness for children. The sodden and soggy condition elevates contaminations to prosper, particularly popular. Along these lines, we should be extremely watchful about the exercises we embrace and the nourishment we allow amid this season.

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Teacher | Posted on

One of the main problems that we face during rainy season is that of storage and safety of food items. Rains bring moisture and rancidity with them. The moisture helps fungus and bacteria to breed which cause diseases. Rancidity, affects food items and their intake makes us ill.

Moisture in rainy season brings quite a lot of problems. Walls getting moist and emitting foul smell, everything taking a rather filthy look, and so on.

So here are some tips and tricks to keep our things safe in rainy season:

• Lentils, rice, and other food items should be stored only in transparent plastic bags or in tightly sealed glass containers. Use air tight containers only.

• Always take care of the quality of the plastic bags or containers you are using.

• For beverages like tea leaves and coffee; sugar; and for pickles, use glass jars only.

• Glass jar should be kept in sunlight frequently.

• Containers of stainless steel can be used for storing flour. But make sure it is being cleaned at regular intervals.

• Avoid getting wet yourself as it may give rise to bacterial infections.

• Don’t let water collect in the vicinity of your house.

(Translated from Hindi by Team Letsdiskuss)