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Bella Xavier | Posted on | Entertainment

How can we survive in this 21st century without money?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

You can’t! And that’s not a bad thing.

Money, on multivariate levels, creates a balance in the society. Moreover, demonize it may have been in the mainstream, it gives us the purpose to live.
Imagine a world where you got everything for free and didn’t have to work. What would you do then? What would everyone do? I cannot even comprehend.
There will be no opportunity, no efficient output and no sense of purpose.
Humanity will be lost.
Understand that money IS NOT the root cause of everything. It’s just a piece of paper, after all. It doesn’t create problems – it exposes humans and their lack of principles.
So, money is important to human – not just to buy stuff but to have a meaningful life. Otherwise, nihilism will eventually take over, and that would be fatal to this beautiful life we’ve been given to by God.
So, you can’t survive in this 21st century without money… and you shouldn’t even try to.
Why would you want to do?
If you’re having financial troubles, instead of thinking how to survive in this 21st century without money, think abouthow you can increase your income.
Work. Enjoy the journey of that work. Earn money. Live. And if you’re one of those who dislikes money, outside what you require for yourself and the family, donate rest of the money to those who need it.
From foods to clothes to the house – you need money for all these. And it’s only fair, if you believe in equality in opportunity and output.
Yes, you can live on the streets. You can eat food from dumpsters. You can wear the same clothes for months. But this isn’t a pleasing way of life. We SHOULD NOT embrace poverty and misery. We must learn how to defeat them and emerge out of that trap.
So, stop buying into the mainstream idea that money is bad. It’s only as bad as you are in your head. If you’re good, money can do miraculous things for you and others. (Travel to see new horizons, donate to help kids get educated, and so much more.)
You need money. You can’t survive in this 21st century without money. And it’s actually a good thing.
NOW, of course, this answer doesn’t fit well if you have some kind of spiritual dawning as of late and you want to ditch the worldly pleasures. That’s a whole different case.
I think it’s an utterly absurd way of life, much closer to nihilism, which, again, is the worst. You’re here to “LIVE” and not be a living dead body.
If you’re really frustrated with the commoditizing of the world, choose to be a minimalist then and NOT a recluse.
Hope this answers your question.
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