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Posted 23 Mar, 2020 |

How can you cure acne without medication?

Anna Christopher

@student | Posted 23 Mar, 2020

Acne affects almost all ages. It can pop-up any time on the skin and can stay for a day to weeks. The real facts of why acne comes are still not known; however, experts believe that it happens due to hormonal changes, weather changes, too much intake of junk or fried food, stress, oily skin and improper rest are the main causes of acne. If you got a pimple on your face, the first thing you should do is to not to pick, squeeze, or apply too much retinol or benzoyl peroxide cream on your pimple. Also, avoid touching and keep your hands off from it is the must-follow tip. A Ret .025% - 20gm works effectively on acne; it is a prescription-based gel that treats acne in a few weeks if applied regularly in the recommended dose. A Ret Gel is available online at with free shipping options.