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Jessy Chandra

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How can you figure out that a person is emotionally disturbed?


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

At some point of your life you feel like tired and exhausted. It is a very common phase that one feels at times but things are not okay when you feel like there is no point of return and day by day you are getting drowned in the sea of tiredness.

If you come across the such person who has no time for breathe and he/she has actually forgot that there is a human who dwells in you. Below are some signs to watch out for:

1. Little things irritate them

Notice that smallest of things irritate them. Their tolerance level has dropped and they can't take even a light joke on them. Don’t ignore it and pay attention to such change in behavior.

2. Always in a Hurry

When you meet them, it seems like they are always in a hurry and things are running out of their hands. Psychologists say if a person shows such behavior, it means they are emotionally disturbed.

3. Detachment

You often notice that such persons are devoid of emotions. They will distant themselves from people and nothing seems to excite them. It is an emotional state where everything has come to an end.

4. Anxiety Pangs

They get periodic anxiety attacks and there will be no reason behind them. They will compulsively feel to pull out of such situations, however, nothing will seem to work for them.

5. Losing confidence and motivation

One day you may seem them all charged and motivated, but the very next day, they suddenly become very lethargic and distant themselves from the daily activities. It is a sign of emotional disturbance.



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