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How can you see whether your partner is cheating on you?


Student | Posted on

Can your partner be cheating on you? Maybe, if they're emotionally unavailable.

Do you want to know if your partner is cheating on you, without asking them? Here are four different ways for you to figure out if your significant other is being unfaithful.


  1. Watch their phone screen: If they constantly look at it, they might be hiding something from you. Use the "intersect" feature on the Find My Friends app and see what he/she is up to! 
  2.  Look for unusual bank statements: Check their credit card and bank statements if you're able to do so.
  3.  Your partner is not as attentive to you as usual.
  4.  He or she is distant and seems like they don't care about their family or friends anymore.




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These are usually the behaviors of an emotionally unavailable person. They have an emotional sponge around them and do not let anyone enter. Because they are emotionally unavailable, they're rather shallow and superficial, and have nothing to give beyond a very thin layer of surface-y charm.

You'll know if your partner is emotionally unavailable because of these three signs:

  1. They are not as attentive as usual but don't seem like they've been out of touch with you at all.
  2. They become distant and seem like they don't care about you anymore, but only because they feel guilty about disloyalty or have some other unexplained reason that makes them neglectful. (Maybe your partner has a lot on their plate right now. Maybe they're not feeling well. Or maybe they do have a lover on the side.)
  3. They have trouble finding words when speaking with you, and are more likely to lie about giving gifts to others versus themselves.

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You can't really tell for sure on your own, so you're going to need some outside help in order to find out if the person you love is emotionally unavailable or just a little weary from work, school, and life in general.

Look into their past for any signs of possible cheating.



@Professor, Content writer, News writer | Posted on

If you want to know that whether your partner is cheating on you or not, then you must look for few things, that can give you clarity.

  • Less communication.
  • Changes in daily routine.
  • Changes in phone habits.
  • Suddenly, start paying attention to their appearance.
  • You see the difference between what they say and what happens.
  • They are not seen around you as usual.
  • They start abusing you about your cheating.