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Suraj Singh

Digital Marketing Executive | Updated 23 Oct, 2019 |

How can you stop online game addiction?

Suraj Singh

Digital Marketing Executive | Posted 25 Oct, 2019

Playing video games casually can be a great way to unwind and have fun. But if you’re so fixated on gaming that it feels like it’s taking over your life, you may have a video game addiction.

A gaming addiction is no joke—in 2018, the World Health Organization officially classified it as a mental health condition, called “gaming disorder.”[1] Fortunately, there are things you can do to get your addiction under control. Try setting limits for yourself and keeping busy with other activities. If you’re not able to shake the addiction on your own, reach out to a doctor or therapist for help.

1. Setting Limits on Your Game Time

2. Keep gaming devices out of your bedroom.

3. Try apps or extensions to block your access to games.

4. Distract yourself with other fun activities during the day.

5. Avoid gaming before you’ve completed other important tasks.

6. Get help from your friends and family.

7. Talk to your doctor about your addiction.