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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

How come many non-profitable startups manage to get seed funding?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Talking about thenon-profitable startupsthat raised big funding, the first name that comes to mind isInstagram.Facebook purchased it at $1 billion at a time when the photo-sharing app wasn’t making any money inrevenue. It was an interesting deal back then.Buteventually,the bet turned infavorof Facebook.AnalystsexpectInstagramadrevenue wouldjump to whopping $10.87 billion by 2019.

Thisbringsone question—how canstart-ups that aren’t even making any money, how can they raise capital?

A simple answer is this: (Smart) investors do not invest in products andinfrastructure; they invest in ideas andvisions. A decade back,online grocery shopping sounded like an absurd idea. However, today, from Big Basket to Grofersto even Amazon—they are all trying their hands in this retail market. Imagine,if someone has invested in this idea a decade back, they would be a millionaire now.

So, whenpeople fundnon-profitable startups, theyinstead invest in that particular idea. Can that idea grow in the future? Can it sustain in thecompetitive market? Can it bring revenue? How can it bring revenue?

For example, there are so manyBlockchain startups today who are making no money from their venture. However, given how big this technology is expected to become in the coming years, an investment in suchcompanies would be avery smart move financially.

So yeah, that’s hownon-profitable startupsraise money. It’s not just their luck. It’s their idea!