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Choreographer---Dance-Academy | Posted on | Science-Technology

How companies who develop mobile games are different from those who develop PC and console games?


fitness trainer at Gold Gym | Posted on


Well, how mobile games and PC/Console games are developed, the entire process is very different. So the companies who make mobile games employ totally different kind of employees and have a different infrastructure when compared to the other ones.

But here’s a thing…

These days almost every big game developer is offering their products for all devices, from large screen to hand-held devices. On the other hand, at large, you will find many independent mobile game developers are usually small in size and try to make money out of banner advertisements. Their expense is much less, plus they combatively struggle with graphics.

In short, to answer your questions, these two types of companies use different development techniques, employ different types of experts, have two distinct consumer base, and most importantly, they have different revenue model.


Student | Posted on

The first and foremost difference is the controls. Yes, you heard it is right. The controls for Computer games is through controllers and keyboards. But in Mobile, there are no controllers. There are screen gestures that need to be incorporated in your games to make them work.

This is the fundamental difference between Mobile games and computer games.


Game Developer | Posted on

- Firstly, mobile game developers most often try to make the game accessible to the maximum number of players. Including people who don’t have much time for games. Therefore, in mobile games, usually more simple and intuitive game mechanics.

- Secondly, companies that specialize in the development of mobile games usually earn from advertising, not from sales. That is, most of the mobile games you can download for free, but you will have to watch ads from time to time, and thanks to your views, developers will receive money from advertisers.

- Different programming tools. Unreal Engine is more popular in PC game development, and Unity 3D is more popular in mobile game development. Our Tellurion Mobile company also uses the Unity engine to develop mobile games such as Realmcraft and Earthcraft.