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How did Savitribai Phule contribute to the Indian society?


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Born on 3rd January 1831, in Satara district of Maharashtra, Savitribhai Phule was one of the foremost social reformists and educationists of India. At the time when education in India was a privilege, only given to men, Savitribai Phule did not only study but also paved a way to education for other Indian women.

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Her education made her challenge almost every taboo against women and suppressed classes in India.

Savitribai Phule is one fearless woman who never feared from the challenges that came her way and moved ahead confidently.

One of the main reasons behind her success, apart from her own determinism and confidence, was the support she got from her husband, Jyotibha Phule. In the 19th century India, when the society was crippled with conservative traditions like Sati pratha, child marriage, dowry, and untouchability, both husband and wife worked selflessly towards the modernization of not only Indian society but also traditional Indian outlook.

It was Savitribai’s own experiences that reformed her own life, and made her work towards the reformation of Indian society. She was also a victim of child marriage, and her parents never supported her will to educate herself. She was married to Jyotibha Phule at the age of 9.

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It was her sheer luck that her husband, who was way ahead of his times in his mindset, educated and empowered her. Both husband and wife had to face a lot of criticism, but they were determined to achieve what they wanted.

After Savitribai completed her education, she, with her husband, started a school for girls in Pune in 1848. Only nine girls could manage to take admission and study in that school, but looking at the kind of times they were, even this number was a feat to achieve. Savitribai Phule became the principle of this school.

Savitribai Phule’s contribution, henceforth, is no less than a boon for Indian women even today.


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