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How do fake beauty products harm our skin?


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Letsdiskuss Islamabad-Medical experts on Sunday warned the general public about the risks of shopping for fake beauty products as rising demand for deeply discounted cosmetic products is resulting in a spurt in fake items, many with import tags, which not only violate property rights but also pose serious health risks.

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But consider this before bagging that bargain, counterfeit beauty products became increasingly common. They’re being manufactured and sold at such a rapid pace lately that it’s now considered a worldwide epidemic.”

She said consumers are reporting variety of symptoms from using counterfeit makeup, including eye infections, allergies , skin rashes, swollen lips and chemical burns. In worst cases, the toxic ingredients in many fake makeup products have caused long-term health problems like high vital sign and infertility.

However, most customers are unaware of the harmful side effects until it’s too late, she mentioned. “Almost 30 to 60 per cent of the people in our country suffer from allergies , and yet we still use cosmetics to an outsized extent, she said.

“Cosmetics aren't a healthy choice, but one cannot stop using them. It is advisable to use the products in moderation, and only when absolutely necessary. Long-term exposure can cause the buildup of toxic materials within the skin, which may cause carcinoma ,” said the doctor. Some products that claim to be protective agents against the sun does not protect the skin but, on the contrary, lead to skin burns, she claimed. Skin Specialist Imtiaz Rao says it's crucial to point the expiry date and place other sorts of information on products.

The doctor advised adequate consuming conditions must also be clearly written on products together with the production dates.

The government should fulfil its responsibility to guard the general public from harm by taking action against the sale and advertisement of counterfeit and cheaply made cosmetics. Dr Hiba recommended the best advice she can give to consumers is to avoid third-party sellers or unauthorized retailers and to find out where the brands you use are sold by authorized dealers.

“For example, if you recognize your favourite skin care line is sold on the company’s own website and during a specific emporium , make the trouble to get it in those places. By doing this, you can be assured that the products are authentic.

Avoid the temptation to get it from more convenient online locations as you've got no idea how the merchandise made it thereto marketplace or where it came from in the first place”, they added.