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Neha khan

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How do I integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud to WooCommerce?


IT Consultant | Posted on

Salesforce connectors for WordPress WooCommerce can be used for integrating the salesforce marketing cloud to WooCommerce. In order to do this configuration, first, you need to do the pre-configuration settings, which include updating field accessibility, generating WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file, and domain registration.

Thereafter, you need to follow the steps for configuration, which are:

  • Go to Plugins and then Add New.
  • Upload the zip file by clicking on Upload Plugin.
  • Click on ‘Activate’ to activate the plugin after installation.
  • Click on WooCommerce Salesforce Connector.
  • Select desired Salesforce org.
  • Click on Category and Product in the Connection Settings screen with a successful connection.
  • Set up Category and Product Configurations and then Click Save.
  • Select Account syncing type for users. Also select, Orders and Opportunity settings and Advanced settings (if required).
  • Click Synchronize Categories for importing, exporting, and synchronizing categories.

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