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Priya Gupta

Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on | Health-beauty

How do I prevent and cure acidity?


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

There are many ways to treat your acidity. Of course, the most obvious one is to take medicine. Over-the-counter antacid tablets are great. Eno is a great choice too. But if this happens to you regularly, if you experience indigestion every so often, it is better that you take up natural, home-made remedies instead of going for drugs. Again, there is a score of home-made remedies to treat acidity instantly.

Start with drinking cinnamon tea. The spice is one of the best known natural antacid. It can heal the infection in your stomach. If this doesn’t work, try drinking coconut water. Rich in fibre, coconut water can turn the excessively secreted acid that causes acidity into alkaline. If it doesn’t work, move on to cloves. Eat cloves; bite it into your taste buds. When you do this, extra saliva is secreted which aids easy digestions and fight symptoms of acidity.

If all these don’t work, eat bananas. They can really make a big difference. Rich in potassium, they can help control the acid production in your system and increase the quantity of mucus in your stomach which can fight back the effects of excessive acid present in your body.

When everything fails, your last resort is to take medicine. But if this is a regular problem, instead of taking medicines, it is recommended that you visit a doctor first.