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Amanda Holden

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How do I take care of my 1-year old-s teeth?


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Many people don’t know about the simple ways to take care which welcomes deadliest teeth-related diseases in the long run. If you gain enough knowledge about dental care, then you should guide the other people about the same to keep their teeth strong and healthy.

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When you find your baby’s teeth are coming for the first time, you should start taking care of them. Teeth will become permanent inside your mouth and you should take care of your baby’s gums especially when the teeth are growing. Make sure you provide best care to your baby’s teeth.

To give you better information and knowledge about dental care for your little kid, here we have listed down all the ways with which you can offer the best dental care to your baby’s newly growing teeth.

In most cases, baby’s teeth start growing between 4 to 7 months. Each baby is different and the time of growing their teeth is also varying. The process of growing teeth is called teething in the Dental Care term. When the baby’s teeth are growing, they will require something to chew on. The market has got plenty of things which you can offer to your 1-Year old kid when you start noticing teeth root in his mouth.

Teething directly affects on the health of your baby. For some babies, Teething is painless while for the others, it makes them uncomfortable. Thanks to the innovations in the market, we have a huge number of toys and tools available which add extra support to your baby’s teeth when they are growing for the first time. Following tips are essential for you to take care of your 1-Year's teeth.

Tips for your baby’s growing teeth

  • Give your baby a tooth ring or a toy to chew on
  • Rub your baby’s gum with your finger
  • Do not give aspirin to your baby
  • Ask your doctor about the process
These are all the simple tips which you can apply to your baby’s new growing teeth. These tips are very crucial and helpful to grow your baby’s teeth stronger.

If you are worried about breastfeeding during this procedure, it doesn’t affect on. You can breastfeed your baby even if his teeth are coming. You should not stop feeding your baby as mother’s milk provides all the vitamins and nutrients which are essential for your baby’s new teeth.

When you see two little bottom teeth coming from the mouth of your baby, you should start taking care of those little diamonds from the very beginning. Pick a soft cotton cloth and clean those little teeth gently. Do this at least once in a day. Once you notice the other teeth start growing, you should also start washing his mouth every twice in a day.

When you search for baby care products, there are many types of soft brushes available which you can try out. Use the soft brush gently to clean your baby’s mouth with water. This will remove bacteria and other harmful germs which are stuck in between the teeth.

When should you see your doctor?

You should visit your doctor along with your baby after completing 1 Year. Your dentist will first examine the gums of your baby and the newly grown teeth. For best results, you should choose a dentist that specializes with kids. If your baby has a fever, you should immediately visit your doctor as teething doesn’t welcome fever at all.

What should you ask to your doctor?

When you visit the doctor for your kid’s teeth, you should be well-prepared with a list of questions to ask. Following questions, you should ask to your dentist.

  • What are the natural ways to sooth a baby during teething?
  • What are symptoms of high risks during teething?
  • How can I stop my baby from ***** thumbs?
  • When should I start using soft toothbrush?
  • Is there any toothpaste available for my baby?
These are all the questions which you should ask when you visit your dentist for the first time for your baby’s teeth.


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are you real amanda holden.


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At the point when your youngster is 1 to 2 years of age, change to a delicate child toothbrush with water. Include a little spot of toothpaste that does not have fluoride in it. This kind of toothpaste is alright for your infant to swallow. Brush your infant's teeth something like two times every day.


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When teeth show up, you can clean them two times per day – in the first part of the day and before bed. Utilize a little, delicate toothbrush intended for kids under two years. In the event that your child doesn't care for the toothbrush in her mouth, continue utilizing the face washer or bandage to wipe the front and back of every one of your infant's teeth.


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