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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | Science-Technology

How do I track my teen-s smartphone activities through Google?


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

Google’s “Family Link” app was already allowing parents to surveil the smartphone activities of kids under 13 years of age, but now it has extended its features for teens as well. So yes, smartphone activities of even teens now can be tracked and checked with the help of Family Link.

The objective of the app is to make the family links better by creating the needful transparency between parents and children. This post-technological age, in which a child of no matter how little an age can get his/her hands on a smartphone, is now finally offering the solutions to the problems it itself has created.


Family link, along with taking care of parents’ right to surveil the activities of their kids, also takes care of the teenage kids’ privacy asking their consent for allowing parents to get access of their smartphones. It however, shuts the phone down if you opt out or disallow.

Some of the main features of Family Link app are as follows:

• It helps monitoring the activity of all family members and can be used by anyone having a Google account.

• Family link allows parents to set screen time, lock devices, and block apps. You can also supervise the apps being downloaded from Google Playstore.

• It ensures online safety of all family members.

• It also has a ‘voice command’ feature in which it can recognize up to six voices. It lets your children solve their queries in a child-friendly manner.

• It’s available for Androids and Chromebooks.  


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