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Rinki Das

Modelling | Posted 12 Mar, 2019 |

How does a business use e commerce?

Siddhi Agarwal

@student | Posted 12 Mar, 2019

E-commerce has undoubtedly become a very important part of today's business. With the help of e-commerce a business can expand its horizon and capture a bigger market.

E-commerce is a way of using internet to create a virtual store from where potential customers can buy your goods or avail your services. The payment can then be made by means of virtual methods like net banking,credit cards, debit cards etc. Any business can take help of e-commerce by creating a website and constantly maintaining and developing it. For the creation and maintenance of the website a person can hire skilled professionals or do it himself if he knows how to.Then he is eligible to carry his business online. 

The website generally asks the user to register or log in. This gives the vendor the details about its user which are stored in a database. These details also has contact details which can be used for the purpose of marketing and advertising.

The site generally holds the catalogue of goods and services provided by the vendor. A customer ac dsurf through this catalogue online. It is equivalent to surfing through different sections in a mall or asking a retailer about his products. A detailed description of the products is made available by the vendor and is updated from time to time. 

A person can buy these products and services from the website and pay for it through various modes, like net banking, credit card, etc. 

The vendor then gets the product delivered to the particular customer and also gets his feedback regarding the services. He also works on after sale services . This is basically how a business operates online