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Sumil Yadav

Sales Manager... | Posted on | Health-beauty

How does Black Pepper benefit our health?


Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted on

Black pepper is not only good for enhancing the taste of your dishes, but also for your health. Here are ten health benefits of black pepper:

1. Black pepper prevents cancer due to the presence of piperine.

2. Relieves cold and cough as it is anti-bacterial.

3. It helps in skin care and in curing skin diseases.

4. It maximizes the effects of other foods we take, thus acting as a catalyst.

5. Cures ulcers.

6. It helps in treating dandruff if you apply the paste of curd and crushed black pepper in your scalp.

7. It improves oral health.

8. It fights infections as it is anti-bacterial.

9. It promotes weight loss.

10. Black Pepper lowers blood pressure.



Blogger | Posted on

In fact, black pepper belongs to Piperaceae family. folks sometimes apply black pepper to extend the style of the dish. Thus, maybe we tend to don’t care a lot of concerning its health advantages.

Below, i'd prefer to list high eight advantages of black pepper that is well-tried instantly by scientific studies.

Stomach: black pepper is capable of raising acid levels in abdomen. Thus, it will effectively aid organic process perform, which may facilitate folks avoid several issues like symptom, constipation and intestinal colic.


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

We have always known Black Pepper for its taste enhancing abilities –be it our food or our tea. It’s spicy, and it adds to the taste very well but let’s see how beneficial is it for our health.

• Having a cup of tea with black pepper in it when you are suffering from cold and cough, helps to cure it quickly.

• Black Pepper has many essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

• Having a lemonade with rock salt, celery and black pepper in it keeps your digestive system fit.

• Having black pepper with ghee at night before sleeping helps in curing cough.

• For any breathing and lungs related problems, taking black pepper in warm water is beneficial.

• Black Pepper helps you maintain your Oral health and hygiene.

• It also helps curing pimples. Make a paste of black pepper with rose water and apply at night before sleeping. Wash your face with fresh water in the morning.



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