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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted | Sports

How does China win so many medals in the Olympics and Asian Games?


Entrepreneur | Posted

Perhaps they are genetically better than other athletes?

Or, listen to this—maybe they have better in-house infrastructure that helps them practice better and improve their games? Yes, this might be it! This is why China win more medals in all the sports events. 

(Courtesy: BBC)

If you compare, people in China are more passionate about the multi-event sports like the Olympics and Asian Games. This plays well for the athletes there who enjoy much better recognition and returns—unlike Indian athletes in our country. This motivates them. They get much better infrastructure and an empathetic culture that pushes them to work hard. They then work hard, practice more, get better and then win more medals.  

china-wins-medals-lets-diskuss (Courtesy: Yibada)

In India, this is not the scene. You should see how so many of these athletes, that apparently become “nation’s pride” during the events, live, let alone practice. The investment in their welfare is outright poor. Majority of them, coming from small towns, never get the right and encouraging the environment to improve their games. 

And above all, the Indian athletes never really get the recognition from the media and masses. Honestly, look at it! Asian Games 2018 is underway, but no one really cares! Except for the nationalists who wear their patriotism up their sleeves on TV and in front of the camera, no one cares about who’s winning the medals and who not. 

china-wins-medals-lets-diskuss (CCTV News)

This is not the case in China. And this is why they win more medals than many countries in multi-sport events.


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