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How does the human brain perceive beauty and ugliness?


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A beautiful thing is never perfect. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the   moments that take our breath away. These quotes are 100 % true. Beautiful things make us happy. Whether it is a natural or man made arts or monuments beautiful things never fail to draw our attention. But how our brain perceive this is an unsolved enigma. All we can get is assumptions and hypothetical theories only.

While our senses are the windows of our soul, brain is the place where all the signals received through our sensitive organs are stored and sorted out. As we are talking about beauty, our eyes catch the images in front of it and send the signal to our brain. If our brain decides whether it is beauty or ugly.

The main thing which decides the beauty factor by our brain is the symmetrical shape. For example if a face of a person in front of us is having a perfect shaped face, we may classify him as beauty. On the contrary if he has bigger nose and small eyes and imperfect lips and jaw line then definitely his looks will be ugly only. So anything is perfect to our eyes is beautiful.

Beauty and ugly are personal feeling. Same thing may be ugly to one and beauty to other.  Beauty depends upon our surroundings. For some Mona Lisa painting may be the definition of beauty while for some others don’t even recognise it as a beauty. I may be rude if I say, for white people Black and brown may be ugly. The same thing can apply to coloured people also. So beauty also depends on the place where we live.

According to some research, our brain stimulates to beautiful things quickly and ignore the thing which is ugly. While seeing beautiful things our brain activated orbitofrontal cortex, cognitive emotional, motor and reward processing stimulus. So by nature our brain identifies beauty and ugly.

And the process of activating stimuli while differentiate beauty and ugly by our brain is different in men and women. So the researchers came to the conclusion that it due to the evolution that our brain responds to beauty and ugly. But the interesting question is,  is it our thinking which activates some brain regions when seeing something beautiful or ugly or is it the other way around.

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