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How does the Step Set Go app make money, which only gives you money to walk?


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This Mumbai-based startup gets you fit as a fiddle, and acquires you treats too

StepSetGo lets individuals gain coins after each walk, which they can recover in the in-application store with the expectation of complimentary items or limits. Accessible on both Android and iOS for nothing, the application lets a client acquire a coin for each 1,000 stages.

StepSetGo at present gets its income from commercials, which the clients can decide to watch so as to gain coins. Nonetheless, a client can gain just up to four coins for each day through this. The every day reward is planned for boosting the coins for a client, and to benefit limits.
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How accomplishes the application work?
There are five levels in the application. On level one, the client can win five coins for every day by strolling 5,000 stages. On acquiring five coins successively for three days, the client gets refreshed to the following level, where he/she can gain up to 10 coins for each day.

In level two, if the client doesn't procure at least five coins for every day, he/she will get a banner. Three banners will return them to level one.The same strategy applies up to level five.

And on the level five, you can procure up to 30 coins per day. Be that as it may, it stretches harder as you go beyond,"

A client needs to get at least 10 coins to profit an offer or discount.But he/she needs to get at any rate 300-500 coins to get the least expensive free item from the in-application store.

"Items can go from limits vouchers to iPhone. This range will continue evolving. The commercial center will continue developing after some time and acquaint new items with connect with the clients,"

When the client aggregates a base number of coins, the application either diverts the client to the brand's site or permits them to purchase on the application advertise itself, contingent upon the tie up with the brand.The group says there is no expiry on the coins earned, and clients can recover it whenever.

Likely arrangements of StepSetGo
Bootstrapped StepSetGo is right now concentrating just on strolling action, however plans to include cycling, running, calorie-based activities, and so forth., later on. It additionally plans to hold occasions dependent on the leaderboard later on, where it will cause the client to vie for expensive worth. The group says it is sitting tight for brand coordinated efforts for the equivalent.