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How durable are Ceat MILAZE X3 tyres?


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One of the leading tyremakers, CEATlaunched the new "Milaze X3 tyres" and the company claims that it offers high fuel-efficiency and lasts for over 1 lakh kilometres.

According to the company, the new rangeMilaze X3 tyre has the wear resistant compound that makes itdurableand has a longertyrelife.

A car of my friend has been running on these tyres for over a year and they not only run longer than usual tyres but also offer good safety.

These tyres have been specially designed to offer long tread life and superior performance. The innovative tread compound and the tread pattern offers a smooth ride with confident wet and dry grip.

CEAT has given wide circumferential grooves on tyres that are very effective for gripping and braking. Rigid shoulder blocks offer better road grip during rainy seasons and high rubber content in tyres enhances their life.