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Aditya Singla

Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted on | Science-Technology

How far will AI progress in the next 20 years?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate HOPE of this century (much like what Superman is to the world!). Its progress is massively burdened with a lot of expectations (and skepticism). In fact, coming from an optimist, in the coming years and decades, this piece of technology will literally change the entire scope of how this world and human civilization functions.

Artificial Intelligence in the next 20 years—here’s what I see:

· Self-driving cars will be in the mainstream.

· A blend of AI and virtual reality for a never-before real communication in the virtual world.

· AI taking over millions of jobs around the world; the need and demand for Universal Basic Income climbing high.

· The entire retail space will change. We’ll see more self-serving physical stores like Amazon Go.

· We would be inching closer to solving food problems.

· Medical treatments for many health problems would become easier and efficient.

· AI assistants will be in our head 24/7. We will be talking to them all the time via headphones. This is where Apple AirPods looks revolutionary.

However, even with all these significant changes in the next 20 years, I am more of a long-term person. I am really looking forward to the impact Artificial Intelligence will have in the next 50 years. Here’s what I see in the next 5 decades if everything goes well:

· AI-based robots walking beside humans, talking to them like friends.

(Courtesy- Energy Manager Today)

· End of global poverty.

· AI robots performing major surgeries, much efficiently and non-evasively, in just a matter of few minutes.


· Cheap healthcare that covers even the lowest end of the population.

· A re-imagined world of communication, courtesy of Virtual Reality.

· Super humans with AI-powered microchips plugged in their brain.

· Using AI to predict wars, natural calamities and other dangers to human civilization.

· Improved quality of life, courtesy of AI, which will also impact our longevity. Humans could be living for 100 years without much of problems easily.

Unlike the likes of Elon Musk and Late Stephen Hawking, I am much hopeful to Artificial Intelligence. The world and us, humans, are in deep trouble right now. And the only way out of this hole to a better and much-organized world is Artificial Intelligence. So, it’s essential that progress in this field continues and that more and more people join this revolution, investing more of their time and money here.

If not in the next 20 years then 50 years, we would see a whole different world than what we see today.

(Courtesy: Technical Word)