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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on | others

How good is hotel management as a career option?


Company secretary,MBA | Posted on

Yes, hotel management is turning out to be popular and good for both boys and men. There are more pros than cons by choosing this subject as a career option. My son has taken up the hotel management course recently. At first, I was unsure but now as I see him growing and learning new things, I am glad he took the less travelled road for his future.

There are various streams in hotel management; some include food, hospitality, housekeeping, and lots more. The student can choose any option based on his or her interests and requirements. There are many benefits of taking up hotel management career, some include:

• You will be prepared for best and worst times
• You will become mentally strong that will help you in facing new challenges of life
• It offers many employment opportunities in the best hotels of the world.
• The course offers high paying salaries.
• The course will make you soft spoken and a kind person.

There are many excellent hotel management colleges and institutes all around the globe offering you best education, exposure and practical experience. Make sure you choose the top institution to get the best experience for your life.



Blogger | Posted on

I am in the lodging business for over 10 years after a Masters in inn business from Europe. I have worked in different lodging networks in Europe and North America. I am utilized as an inward evaluator. I have additionally worked at the front work area and in reservations.

I am as yet a worker, not a supervisor. It requires such a great amount of investment to go up the stepping stool !

Furthermore, the compensation is low, et passage level even mailmen show signs of improvement pay.

Among the lodgings just 5 star inns give an average pay, 4 star or 3 star inns toss peanuts at the workers.

While working at the front office you meet some decent individuals from the entire world and furthermore a significant decent number of rats!! the American lodging business term them as 'visitors' !! You need to grin 8 hours !!!

However, you become acclimated to it and gain proficiency with some expert practices/strategies to adapt up.

Be that as it may, toward the day's end the gaining isn't sufficiently high to remunerate the diligent work.

In Europe or in North America, a large portion of the occasions the working hours are regarded, very little after some time.

Working for chain inns give a few advantages and a possibility of moving as an inner emoployee from one branch to the next inside a similar nation.

Except if you are energetic about serving individuals picked a superior calling or attempt to work in lodging records or income the board. In activities, you require an alternate sort of attitude.