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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | Health-beauty

How has coronavirus quarantine affected life in your city?


Student | Posted on

This pandemic has changed a lot. Lockdown has been pretty gruelling on balance but surprisingly many of us realised that there are some things about this quarantine life that arise from preserving. The scenario is caught differently in different aspects. Some people spend a depressing time. As we are not accustomed to this kind of new normals Have we ever thought of this life? Some lost their loved ones, have a tragic loss, thousands of people have lost their jobs, some are forced to work and stay away from their families in this situation. For them, the lockdown life was not at all pleasing or amusing.


And at a parallel time, some of us spent the best days of our life ending time with your family has been a very difficult task for us in this world. But this corona has brought us together with our family. Probably the best family times of our life, from playing ludo to baking cake king dalgona coffee, we enjoyed every bit. A few months of quarantine have given us a rare opportunity to look at our life once again and to reset them.

Some of us have gone back to retrieve our old habits while some find new habits. All have to cope up with a completely new lifestyle.

The basic changes that this quarantine life has brought are:-

The world has fallen to the lap of the Internet. From work from home to online classes we all are trapped in our laptops and mobiles. Books are exchanged with pdf files.

No more tension for the OOTD - outfit of the day. Since the Corona times, most of us are chilling tourist comfortable wear. Most of us have not even seen our jeans for months. Everybody is super chilled out and relaxed.

No more weekend plans or meeting with our friends. Everything is confined to long video calls. Now movie night is Netflix time.

It's a difficult time for the shopaholics who love to shop from stores. It's not the time to shop for clothes or shoes but the time to shop for sanitisers and masks.

This quarantine life has converted our home into a restaurant making Dalgona coffee to cakes to biryani everybody is experimenting with food. If we survive then a part of that portion has tough version things. We have come across the most difficult phase of our life. And hope that we will overcome this.