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Amayra Badoni

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How has Total Dhamaal performed as 2019’s first comedy movie?


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Total Dhamaal, even though not as much anticipated as other movies of 2019, like Gully Boy, had many comedy-genre lovers waiting since the start of the year. The sole reason was the two outstanding installments which were a treat of humor, fun, and entertainment. Personally, I like Dhamaal franchise even more than Golmaal, so I was also waiting for the movie to hit the theatres.

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There is one more fandom which was waiting for this movie very eagerly –that of Madhuri Dixit-Anil Kapoor duo. Since the release of the trailer, we were expecting to see that old chemistry again which used to have our heartbeats skipping.

Considering all this, we can’t say that the expectations of fans from this movie were not high.
Now the question is, to what extent does Total Dhamaal fulfills these expectations. The first responsibility, that of being a full-on comedy ride as the first comedy movie of 2019 has, according to me, not been fully realized.

Director Indra Kumar gives you fun and humor in tit-bits but as a whole, the comic jokes seem forced and deliberately induced. This can put off a comedy-freak very early.

That it is a full family entertainer is established as soon as the movie starts. There is an introductory song which is not very good but ensures us entertainment ahead. As soon as the Total Dhamaal starts, you get the impression of a No-brainer flick, which is made with the sole purpose of making you laugh without any good purpose.

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The story of the movie is as predictable as its screenplay. You would take no time in understanding that not enough effort has been done to give any depth to the story, and the movie is relying on silly jokes wholly, which at times, fail to make you laugh.

Poorly-written is not only the story but also the dialogues. Catchy one-liners make an exception here which are catchy and will be on your tongue for a long time.

Coming to the performances of the actors, we see the epic duo of Adi-Manav again, but they fail to recreate the same magic again. The duo which steals the show this time is that of Madhuri-Anil. The tuning of Ajay Devgan and Johnny Lever could have been better had they received good dialogues and script.

The performance of other actors like Riteish Deshmukh, Sanjay Mishra, etc, give us the feeling that their potential has not been used to its full extent.

I would suggest you gofor this movie only if you don’t have any other thing to do this weekend.