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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted 17 Nov, 2018 |

How historically accurate is Narcos: Mexico?

jannat khan

etc | Posted 27 Jun, 2019

Although the focus of Narcos has now changed somewhat in season four, the show's approach to storytelling hasn't been altered one bit. Just as the first three seasons fought to portray the story of Pablo Escobar with authenticity, so too does Narcos: Mexico, which mixes real-life video clips and news footage into the proceedings.

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Tirthankar Bose

Travel Blogger | Posted 21 Mar, 2019

As the show clearly states that it is a dramatization of actual events. The stories and the characters are mostly accurate, as the  writers didn't want to stray away too much from the life of Pablo Escobar.

However many incidents such as the internal strife, created by characters such as Judy Moncada is not true but a simple example of the extent, to which Escobar would go to have his way.

John Colson

@letsuser | Posted 01 Dec, 2018

As generally believed, all drug sagas are alike. They tell the same story of an ambitious young man whose passion takes him to the verge of madness and who climbs the stirs of addictiveness and success leaving all his rivals behind.

narcos-mexico-letsdiskuss (Courtesy:

What makes Narcos: Mexico different is its ill-educatedness, which is taken from the very area it is based in. If that not accounts for the authenticity and historical accurateness of the series, I don’t know what will.

“Mexico in the early 1980s is a carnival of broad eccentrics and wild style choices, starting in episode one with a pair of angry *****-dealing brothers sporting ludicrous Dumb & Dumber haircuts”, says the Guardian, and it is very truthfully captured on screen.

The accuracy with respect to the history is taken care of wherever possible, and the scenes, locations, etc, are bent only where the crew members felt the risk of getting their caste into trouble due to more violence-prone locations or scenes.

Nikki Adderley

@letsuser | Posted 17 Nov, 2018

The makers of the series have paid special attention on making even this season as much historically accurate as possible. The story of Narcos: Mexico brings before us the the big daddy’s of the drug trade in Mexico –Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Kiki Camarena, and James Kuykendall.

The efforts were made to make each and every thing about Narcos: Mexico so authentic that even after high security arrangements, the actors could feel how is it to be in the drug-torn Mexico, and especially in the locations which are infamous for violence.

Matt Letscher, who is playing the role of James Kuykendall in the series comments, "It’s the third time I’ve shot in Mexico and, as far as the general population goes, the Mexican populous — they’re as warm and loving and hardworking as they ever were before… But that’s the scary part about the danger that does exist down there — you won’t feel like you’re threatened until you suddenly are.” (Source:


It is interesting to note that to get into his role and play it in the most accurate manner, Matt Letscher spent some days living with the real James Kuykendall and knowing about him personally.
When it comes to location too, the efforts at accuracy and authenticity are pretty much reliable. According to a previous report, a location scout of the crew was murdered while looking for the location for Narcos: Mexico in Mexico’s most dangerous regions.

Apart from this, a lot of research about the history of the drug war in Mexico took place for the making of this series.

It should however be noted that there is not much difference to be seen between the previous Narcos series and this one, but of course Narcos: Mexico has a new tale to tell. It is portraying the drug empires corrupting countries and individuals and various empires fighting each other for domination while authorities do their work –but in precisely the manner it happened in Mexico.

This season is also oscillating between fatalism and heroism, having induced the real life events and persons.


The Mexican actor Diego Luna finds it hard to play the character of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, as it takes it back to his first-hand experience of the drug war, when he was a kid. According to him, “It’s been an intense process to reflect on that time from this perspective that, clearly, I wasn’t seeing.” (Source:


 The actors, the incidents, and the occurrences happening off camera in Narcos: Mexico are enough of a justification for its authenticity.