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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Astrology

How important is Sudarshana chakra in astrology?


Generally believed, Sudarshana chakra is the fundamental to astrology. However, I personally believe that every aspect comes to play an equally important role in reading charts and making predictions, depending on the astrology techniques one is going for. Talking about this method alone, it helps in equating years to the signs of a horoscope, along with overall helping to understand the different dashas and progression system in the astrology. It is the first and most reliable method to time events that many astrologers, even from various other niches, swear by.

That being said though, the study of Sudarshana Chakra is equally difficult, requiring one to be very strong in the basics of astrology. This is one reason why you will see many Nadi astrologer who are completely fake, knowing nothing about the field.

In short, widely accepted, Sudarshana chakra is very (very) important in astrology.



Blogger | Posted on

Sudarshana chakra is the basic of crystal gazing. It is the way to seeing all dashas and movement frameworks in crystal gazing. It is the very spine of Bhrigu Samhita and of most Nadi crystal gazing procedures of forecast.

Each time you meet a stargazer or go to a Nadi focus that says that such and such occasion will occur in the fourteenth year, or sixteenth year rather than 2018, 2020; the individual is utilizing Sudarshana Chakra despite the fact that he himself may not know about it.

Sudarshana Chakra is the name given to a technique for movement that compares a very long time to the signs/divisions of a horoscope. There are various such techniques, treated from various planet. On the whole, the technique is called as Sudarshana Chakra. The most famous utilization of the strategy is Parashara's Sudarshana Chakra Dasha (SCD) which compares one bhava as one year. Each house has a dasha of one year and the cycle repeates each thirteenth year after the 12 houses are secured. For every year, that house is treated as lagna and results are told.

Sudarshana Chakra is the above all else technique for timing of occasions which hangs out in its genuineness even today. It is the extremely principal framework from which all different dashas and movements have risen. It is the technique for timing of occasions in all strategies for Nadi crystal gazing from the Agathiyar Nadi to Shiva Nadi. From Bhrigu Nadi to Chandra Kala Nadi.

It is this very strategy with which a Nadi celestial prophet is distinguished. In the event that the Nadi celestial prophet doesn't have a clue about the technique for Sudarshana Chakra, he is a phony.