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Vasanthi Gopalan

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How is Alcohol more dangerous than Marijuana?


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Despite Marijuana being illicit in many countries including India and the USA, recent researches show that Marijuana is comparatively less harmful for health and brain than the widely consumed alcohol. The increased legalization of Marijuana for its recreational and medicinal uses in the US, the researchers feel that there is a need to search for its other advantages. Although excessive use of any drug has only adverse effects on health, it has been seen that alcohol does greater harm in the following ways:

1. Binge drinking can be fatal while reports tell that there have been zero deaths caused by marijuana.
2. The chances of intimate partner violence is more under the effect of alcohol, and it is safer to drive ***** than drive drunken. However, this does not mean that driving while ***** is safe.
3. Medical specialists claim that alcohol damage the ability to create new memories. After drinking heavily, one may not remember anything he did under the effect of alcohol. Marijuana on the other hand, may increase psychological difficulties later in life.
4. Alcohol causes long term changes to the structure of gray matter and white matter in the brain. Marijuana makes us prone to the risk of psychosis, but it is also helpful in preventing migraine.
Studies tell us that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, but researchers have still not reached on any conclusion about the satisfactory uses of marijuana that can validate its legalization. What we can conclude from this is that use of none of them should be advocated.
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