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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted on | Astrology

How is astrology related to our palm lines?


online astrologer and tarot card reader | Posted on

Dear friend,
Thanks for asking your questions through this enriched knowledge based website.
ANSWER for your question is:

Astrology is the subject related influence of planets...on the life of human being with respect to their  position  and their
movement in the galaxy at a particular period of time.Letsdiskuss

Palmistry is the subject related to observation of birth lines and their significance co related to each fingers and hands  , based on the analysis with respect to planets...assigned to each fingers.

Both astrology and Palmistry are inter related.

If we have correct birth Date of birth,Time, and Place of birth, the related birth chart for an individual can be erected and can be used for the astrological analysis.
If we don't have correct birth details,  birth charts can not be erected for analysis.  In that case, the principles of Palmistry
will help one to know something about his future.
Thank you for your interest in this spiritual sciences.
premkumar mg
online astrologer ,numerologist and tarot card reader
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Thank you and all the best.
May GOD bless you and be with YOU always.


Social Activist | Posted on

It is not palm lines that are related directly to astrology. Instead, it is palmistry (the knowledge of reading the palm lines), which is linked to astrology as one of its branches.

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India is a country which rests its faith in various Gods and it is this faith which takes the worshipping of Gods beyond and includes the heavenly bodies in it as well. That’s where astrology enters. According to the planetary motions, and the date and time of certain significant events (like someone’s birth and death), our fate and fortune are interpreted and determined.

Palm lines and Palmistry

You must have often heard that your palm lines can tell your fortune, and the basis of this saying is none other than the knowledge of palmistry. According to palmistry, our palm lines have everything about our life hidden in their folds and twists. These lines, their interpretation, and reading can unfold anything about a person –his/her life, death, or any other occurrence.

So according to astrology, our palm lines tell us about our life just like planets, stars and their movements do.


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