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How is City Centre Dwarka Mall ?


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City Centre mall is in Sector-12, Dwarka, which is a developing sub-city in the south-western part of Delhi. Newly opened, this mall is the epitome of development that Dwarka has gone through in the recent years.

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Spread through 2 lakh sq. ft. of the area, this mall is 5-storey building having both retail and commercial space. While the lower storeys have food joints, shopping spaces, etc, the upper ones are dedicated to the offices. It is speculated that the mall will come to house many big corporates and MNCs in the future.


Since I have no knowledge about the opportunities related to commerce in the mall, I will just answer your question based on my personal experience.

Let’s start with the food joints. City Centre, Dwarka has every food joint that you may like to visit. So if you live in Dwarka and are tired of traveling long distances for visiting good food outlets, you need to go to this mall right now! It has all the big names under it –from Chayos to Punter House, and from KFC to Domino’s. It even has Haldiram’s and Taco Bell.

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Apart from the food, the ambiance of the mall is such that you would never feel bad about Ambience or Select City near your place ever again. And I am not even exaggerating. The mall is well-maintained and beautifully designed and has numerous stalls for your shopping spree.

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Apart from this, it has a spacious parking, and an amazing yard to sit outside.

The lawn surrounding the mall can be the best resting place for you, in case you find the mall too much crowded inside (please note that it will only happen because of the genuinely high number of crowd, and not because of the accommodating space of the mall).

The best part is that it is right in front of Dwarka, Sector-12 metro station. Despite all this, if you haven’t visited the mall, then you are missing out on something really amazing.


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