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Riddhi P

Riddhi P

Content Writer | Posted 01 May, 2021 |

How is covid19 virus getting stronger by time?

Memoona Meer

Memoona Meer

Blogger, Market Manager, HR Manager | Posted 02 May, 2021

Because no one is taking this virus seriously. We aren't taking care of ourselves
Tazyeen  Ghazal

Tazyeen Ghazal

@Tazyeen | Posted 03 May, 2021

The virus is getting strong because it is mutating and adapting to the environment, its in the biology of the virus to mutate and get better . The newly emerging variants of the coronavirus are due to these mutation only. Plus the virus does not show its symptoms in its incubation time pwhich makes it more contagious. Sars-cov 2 uses a spike protein to attach to the receptor site ACE2 of the host cells which it is attacking. The spike protein is said to be more stable then previous strain that is one of the reasons of its fast transmission.
MENU  menu

MENU menu

@MENU | Posted 06 May, 2021

The speed of coronavirus in the second wave is twice as fast as thefirst wave.according to the medical experts the antibodies present in the peoples body is not capable to fight again the coronavirus .According to virologist T Jacob John,a proffessor at Christain Medical College(CMC) the reason can be partly due to variants and partly lowering of the guard.Many people hesitate to get vaccinne and did not show much eagerness even though the cases has started going up by early march 2021.