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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | Entertainment

How is Diljit Dosanjh’s performance in his latest release, Soorma?


Choreographer---Dance-Academy | Posted on

There’s an ongoing trend of Biopics in Bollywood. On the famous personalities of every celebrity, biopics are being made. The motive of a biopic should be motivational. Read more about biopics and their role here.

Soorma released on 13th July, and is based on the Arjuna award winning Hockey Player, Sandeep Singh. The lead is being played by Punjabi actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh. This movie is based on the ups and downs that Sandeep Singh faced in his life and the focus of the film is on his struggle for his career in Hockey.


The story of the movie starts from Sandeep Singh’s village in Punjab, Shahbad. The story is about Sandeep Singh living in the village with his family. He plays Hockey but is intimidated by his coach. When he leaves playing, his uncle makes him work in the fields where he has to flee away the birds. He does the work with the help of his Hockey tricks and there starts his true journey as a Hockey player.

Diljit’s Performance:

According to the audience, the best thing about the movie is that Sandeep Singh’s role is played by Diljit Dosanjh. He has played the role exceptionally well, feeling and performing his character excellently at every moment. He’s brilliant as always, and engaging as well.

The movie is truly inspirational in terms of story line, and does not lack in its artistic quality either. I would suggest you to watch it. Indeed a movie which is better than many other biopics in Bollywood. 

(Translated from Hindi by Meetali)