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John Colson

@letsuser | Posted on | Science-Technology

How is Facebook using my phone number without my knowledge?


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

Facebook, which just find it impossible to remain out of the controversies regarding its users’ data, is now being accused of using its users’ phone numbers without their knowledge and realization.

The advertisements that run on Facebook are finding a target audience in you even after you disallow it, and the reason behind this is the passing on of your mobile number by Facebook.


You must have used up your phone number to log in to your Facebook account with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), in which Facebook demands not just your username and password, but an extra information too. For this extra information, most of the Facebook Users opt for entering their mobile numbers which is used by Facebook for more than just authentication purposes. Even though Facebook has now introduced the option of other information like email or duo security for 2FA, phone numbers are used the most.


A spokesperson has reported that Facebook uses users’ information not for just giving them a more personalized experience on Facebook, but also to let the relevant ads reach them in larger numbers. 2FA as mentioned earlier, does not necessarily need your mobile number, neither is it inevitable for enjoying a “more personalized experience”.

Bottom line is, be it any way, Facebook is cunning enough to users’ data to fulfill its purposes.  


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