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How is infertility in women diagnosed?


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Beginning screening may likewise include a physical test, including a pelvic test or pelvic ultrasound, a Pap test, and blood tests to take a gander at generally speaking wellbeing. ... The degrees of follicle-invigorating hormone (FSH) and against Müllerian hormone (AMH) in the blood can help decide the amount of a lady's outstanding egg supply.


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Infertility is a medical condition that is defined as inability to conceive even after trying for about one year.

The cases of infertility have strong family history of this disorder.

Infertility in females can be diagnosed as follows:

· Complete medical history

· Physical examination

· Testing ovulation: the ovulation detecting kits are available in any medical stores and these kits detect the surge of a hormone, which is seen just before the process of ovulation called the luteinizing hormone. The progesterone level can also be determined through blood tests to check for ovulation. Progesterone is released in the body after ovulation.

· Hysterosalpingography: this is a kind of X-ray imaging. A contrast is injected inside the ***** and imaging is done to look for any abnormalities in the *****.

· Ovarian reserve test: this test is used to check the quantity and quality of the eggs that are available for ovulation.

· Hormone tests: the levels of various hormones in your body like the estrogen, progesterone, etc. are done to diagnose infertility.

· Ultrasound: pelvic ultrasound is done to look for any abnormalities.

These are the most common tests that doctors do to diagnose infertility but there are some other tests also which can be done.

The other tests are- laparoscopy, genetic testing, etc.

Not only females but males also suffer from infertility. So if you are unable to conceive for about one year then immediately go to the doctor and do the necessary tests for both the male as well as the female.

The number of cases of infertility has increased nowadays and this condition is treatable so if you or any of your relative has this problem, please contact the doctor as soon as possible. Thank you!