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Gautam Mahajan

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How is modern life better than ancient life?


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Let us discuss something about ancient life

It is a fact that ancient life was in the paleozoic era. This is something that many people do not know. Do you people know whatever fossils that we get to see of the Paleozoic era today consist of what? Well, those fossils are of plants and animals that are just impossible to see in this modern life. Because all of them were in existence only in ancient times.
Do you have any idea about evidence of ancient life? Its evidence has a close connection with those fossils. We just can guess or make an idea about old life i.e, ancient times. These fossils also help in the study of the history of the earth.

Now a little discussion about modern life:

Whenever we think about modern life, we feel everything around us is very rapidly moving. We are living in a modern world where everything is very competitive. In the present world, all our lives are moving very fast. Just add the word ‘fast’ in front of everything, we will get the essence of modern life. For example, fast food, fast production, etc are interrelated with the modern world. Being fast is good but something extra may even cause you a big loss or may not prove fruitful.

Now the question is which one is better. The modern or the ancient world. If you make a survey, you will get a variety of answers. So it is better to discuss the difference between past and present life and allow you to judge it by yourself.

1.In ancient times, people used to enjoy everything available around them i.e, in the natural environment. Even they had only the option of enjoying the natural smell available in the surroundings.

While in today's world, you can easily access the beautiful fragrances from sitting anywhere in the world. It is just possible in a few clicks and within a few hours. So now no need to limit yourself to the environment around you.

2.We all know that there was nothing like a watch or clock to observe the time. Can you imagine that the placement of the moon and stars were the only way to guess the exact time in the ancient era? Yes, it is true.

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But now there are a lot of things to find the location or guess the time. The things may include maps, radio, charts, satellite navigation tools, etc.

These two differences are just a glimpse of the difference between modern and ancient life. But some may have a preference for ancient over the modern time due to the nature-friendly people. However, most people love this modern life more than ancient one due to its fast movement, ease of availability, and all kinds of opportunities. Both the world has their pros and cons. So its preference varies from person to person.


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