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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | others

How is the build quality of Tata Nexon?


Working with Maruti Suzuki | Posted on

Tata Nexon, the compact SUV from Tata, is turning heads and very popular in the Indian market. The unique design of the compact SUV offers a wide range of latest features and its powerful engine has garnered a lot of buyers in the the market.

And this is not just end here, when it comes to the build quality of the little compact SUV, it doesn't disappoint you either and it is faster acquiring the reputation for its build quality.

I have read about a few car accidents of Tata Nexon where the driver and occupants survived and were unhurt. The owners expressed their gratitude at the vehicle’s build quality. Recently, a Tata Nexon met with an accident on the Delhi-Amritsar National Highway but the owner was unhurt.

The owner said that the accident happened in Karnal, Haryana. His car the Nexon got hit by a vehicle from the rear and the car lost its control. The Nexon then hit the cement blocks kept on the side of the road and flipped at least 2-3 times before coming to a rest. The owner came out of the rear hatch door. He was the only occupant of the vehicle and was wearing the seat-belt. He also says that the turban he was wearing saved his head from injuries.

The owner appreciated the build quality of the Nexon and said it was a miracle that he came out unhurt after such a major accident. Cars with a weak structure can transfer the impact to the passengers which in turn can injure them.

Tata Nexon has good inbuilt body and offers good quality airbags that even if the cabin of the car collapses, the occupants and drivers can be saved even in severe accidents.



Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted on

This compact Suv from Tata is getting very popular on the Indian roads and gaining overall good reviews. I have been driving this car for the past four months and honestly speaking, it is a worth buy car in its segment.

Tata neither comprised on its interiors and nor on exterior body. Tata has used the premium quality of materials to give extra comfort to riders. The dashboard of car is made of decent plastics and Tata Motors has paid a lot to attention to make it eye catching.

Once you get inside the car, there is a really big dashboard which not only gets cooling feature but also a removable tray for food items. However, there are some minor panel gaps in the dashboard, but they don't bother you that much.

My Tata Nexon is equipped with front dual airbags and has ABS with EBD Corner Stability Control. There's also the ISOFIX at the rear outboard and a rear-view camera interface with an inbuilt touch screen infotainment system. Overall the quality of the tata nexon is fabulous as compared to old tata cars and one can go for it without a second thought.