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How is the life of Indian students in Germany?


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Germany is a country known for providing amazing academic and post-academic opportunities to international students. Since the quality of education is supreme in Germany, and the tuition is free for almost all universities, the country is a popular choice for Indian students who dream of studying abroad.

While the experience of Indian students in Germany may differ from person to person, here are some of the challenges that Indian students face while studying in Germany:

  • Fighting the cold - Winters are harsh in Germany with the days being extremely dull, grey, and cold. Many Indian students find it challenging to acclimatize themselves to this atmosphere.
  • Fitting in - It is natural to look for people like you, belonging to the same nationality as you while you’re studying abroad. However, do not restrict yourself to only being friends with other Indian students in Germany. Instead, embrace the diversity there and try to make as many acquaintances and friends from other nationalities too.
  • Language - As learning German above A1 level is not mandatory for students in German universities studying courses taught in English, many students do not put too much effort into learning the language. Proficiency in German is essential for students who want to settle in the country.
  • Getting a job - Jobs in Germany require a deep knowledge of the subject and again, proficiency in the German language for effective communication with the employer.