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Prashant Kumar

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

How is US education different from Indian education?


Mechanical engineer | Posted on

S education is more of practical and in the four years of undergraduate time, you get molded to the extent that any challenge in the world could be an easy task for you. projects and internships are mandatory. no assignments / homework can be copied, you need to do it by yourself. One is not judged on just passing with 40 marks, unless the teachers satisfy, you need to keep repeating your subject until their satisfaction.


Content writer and teacher also | Posted on

Indian education is worse than foreign countries education system:

India education completely focuses on a theory, not on practical knowledge. While Practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge. In a foreign country, they focus on practical knowledge and allow education with creativity.
In India, education is just a routine, they just focus on the degree, not on knowledge. You just have a degree, whether you gain knowledge or not. In Foreign they take education as a learning process, which prepares a skilful person, the person for the future.
The Indian education system does not focus on extracurricular activities. They completely focus on studies. Foreign education curricular contain arts, sports, music, along with studies.
In India, education is now becoming a business, it becomes a business to earn money. In foreign, primary and secondary education is compulsory and free. Here education generates money.
In India all subjects are compulsory, students could not choose their own field of interest. Indian education system students are forced to choose streams which have higher pay jobs.
In India, students take admission according to trends. They go with the flow where the majority of students are going. Students do not choose their field of interest.

In India, students are forced to learn birth dates, death dates, Chemical reaction, hundreds of useless things. And foreign country they go through practical knowledge.
Indian education system follows old methods of teaching. In foreign, curricular changes according to technology.

Indian system depends upon grades and marks not on the quality of students. Foreign countries believe in skills.
I Think there are a lot of reasons that prove that Indian education system is worse than foreign education system, I have highlighted some of the reasons here. I also think we should not only need to change the Indian education system but also want to change the mentality of Indians also.


Journalist ( News Analyst and Web Writer ) | Posted on

LetsdiskussEducation system between America and India are miles apart from each other, on the basis of 

their tutoring system both nation are north and south poles. as a person who have been in both
system i was able see the gap of perspective of education between both nation. Both powers
rely on different set of ideas and rules when it come to educate.

India Education System
Indian education system relies more on absorbing and knowing, basic idea behind it is to let the
student get enough information and data from younger age. Indian education still relies on its
vedic era which lets them to start the cycle from 1st standard to 12th the end of school year, so
the students are able to gain knowledge from lower to higher standards. This system creating a
well educated and refined individual does have it own drawbacks i.e, it builds immense
pressure on kids with very little social and private life. Which leads to early age of depression
and also few kids are unable to react to there social circle easily.

American Education System
As compare to us, American Education System works on a different angle. Rather than
compressing volume of data for their students, American’s believe in building up the character
of each individual from younger age. With practical approach towards potential future, western
people believe in letting kids develop their own particular skill set from younger stages of their
lives. School system is divided in there stages - primary , middle and high school, where kids
are taught basic things in primary stages, and are allowed to select their subjects on basis of
there choice in middle with additional skill training in any zone. By letting them understanding
basics in their middle schools students are able to get advance studies in high schooling so they
can cope up with college level studies much easily.

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@letsuser | Posted on

In my view, I would differentiate Indian and America in the following ways:

For an Indian education system, the major focus if to learn learn and learn . most of the focus will be given to the quantitative subjects like Science, Engineering etc so that they can Upskill easily . The education system will be proactive in some aspects but very poor in critical thinking

 Schools completely ignore personality development and social skills.

Whereas American education system has it complete focus on soft skills of an individual and personality development. Other than theoretical knowledge, implementation in knowledge is very critical in today’s ever challenging world.

Hope that helps :)


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