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Kanwar Raj Meghwal

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

How it feels to study at a premier institutes of India?


blogger | Posted on

Well I can answer about IIT.

I like to do it in points

1. You get selected for such an institute, now for almost 5 out of 10 times , you are here for your parents

2. You feel proud in front of your neighbours , relatives and some oversmart people but what happens within you

3. You get to see a place where you are free , no one is restricting you, you are master of your own will.

4. Hostels are a big factor for many such institute , Hostels are just a different kind of environment altogether. You socialize even though if you don't want to sometimes. You start to understands basics of how to get your life along that includes flattering and understanding money too

5. Yeah money , it doesn't feel good to see money going away from your own pocket although it is still your dad's.


Thinker | Posted on

Well, we all know how much the “name” matters in India. And when it comes to institutional education, it is the all that matters. If you are from SRCC, or IIT, you are undisputedly the most intelligent in the room, and the rest of the people present see you as someone who has spark all around him/her, and envy your future prospects from as early as now.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Having being studied in LSR, I enlist here, from my personal experience, some most common reactions and experiences that I have encountered due to my institutional affiliation:

1. “Seriously! <name of the institution in caps>”

They are like: 

Yes, they would treat you as if you are some god or goddess just descended from the heavens and would be like “kaha aap, kahaa hum”. Possibilities are they won’t even believe you initially.

2. “Big people! Won’t talk to us”

They straightaway form an opinion about you after knowing the name of your institution. The opinion includes: high-fi English, arrogant, judgmental, no-nonsense person, superior in every way. Yes, they might as well treat you like you are some celebrity.

3. Calls you by the name of your institution

It really hurts actually. It makes you feel like you have no identity of yourself. My uncle visited us the other day and when I went to greet him, he exclaimed (in a very irritable tone): “Oho LSR!” And that actually infuriated me.

4. Your institutional affiliation becomes a tag line

Just know it you are in a premier institute of India, less for yourself and more for your parents. So whenever you go to any family gathering or to some relative’s home, remember that your institute is their strongest weapon. The introduction is bound to start as “meet my daughter, she studies in LSR”. And then, a big round of oohs and aahs follows.

5. Everyone thinks your future is as bright as Taimur Khan now

Everyone would be like, “studying in IIT, what tension do you have of future?” They just imagine that it’s all a cake walk for you from now on and all you do is chill and have fun now.

Apart from this celebrity-like treatment, the inside situation is as normal as any other institute of India. There is no guarantee that the faculty you would get is going to be exceptionally up to the mark. Yes, facilities and exposure is much more than other institutions, but that owes to the money that has gone from your dad’s pocket.  


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